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Apr 30 2017

This past Christmas I received a book entitled “Toponymity”. Toponymity is the self-proclaimed Atlas of Words. It details and traces the origins of numerous common and unique words, including proper nouns. In the introduction it gives the example of Atlas, the Greek titan who holds up the sky. It shows that Atlas gave rise to our word atlas, but he also received his name from a Greek word meaning something along the lines of “the bearer.” Toponymity uses this amiguity of origin to illustrate how muddy language studies can be… in its first chapter. Every chapter after, Toponymity strives to create an interesting narrative of words; blending together history and language into a fun-filled nerdy read. I highly recommend it!



Mar 20 2017

I had the pleasure of reading A.G. Riddle’s Departure a few years ago when a preview edition was published and the recent final revised edition I read this month was just as enjoyable – though I still prefer the original. The final edition contained some interesting tweaks, but in general merely served to adjust the romance of the novel and add textual descriptions of the romance. In my opinion, unnecessary.



Jan 13 2017

1491 is the ”true” story of the American colonization.


A Cursed Brainchild.

Dec 13 2016

The reasons I find “A Cursed Child” offensive as a potterhead are innumerable, I will do my best, however, to answer and address all my grievances in this review.


A Month in the Life of Me.

Nov 03 2016

From Netflix to Donald Trump, October was a crazy month of reading for this high school senior. In lieu of a formal book review, I have decided to review the large swathes of the internet I have perused over the last month.