Hello possible audience! September has been an exciting month of reading with my AP Literature class reading I Am Malala and beginning 1984, personally with my numerous college applications I have kept this month a lighter reading month.

I began Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies and enjoyed it immensely, but have put it down half-way to focus on other novels while I write my essays (as I had mentioned previously). I picked up Rick Riordan’s The Trials of Apollo which I enjoyed for its ties to Greek mythology but despised for its occasional references to SnapChat. I also reread Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid. While relatively easy reads, I enjoy these novels for the excellent connection to mythology and childhood nostalgia (if such a thing exists at the age of 17).

Guns, Germs, & Steel captivated me from the beginning. Offering an excellent critique of western history and how it degrades the accomplishments of non-European peoples. Its discussion on New Guinea and the dozens of native languages was fascinating. The book thoroughly investigates the fate of the small region and how it came to conquered. Interestingly, the answer all comes down to fate. They didn’t have as many domesticable plants as other regions such as Europe and Asia did and as a result had difficulty expanding their civilization.

My other reads were fun, with exceptions. My largest annoyance with Rick Riordan’s writings is his tendency to force current technology trends into his writing. References to SnapChat and iPhones abound, I wonder how this novel can be read a decade from now.