From Netflix to Donald Trump, October was a crazy month of reading for this high school senior. In lieu of a formal book review, I have decided to review the large swathes of the internet I have perused over the last month.

To begin, let’s talk tech.

October is always a significant month for technology, as Google typically announces its new products. This year Google came forth with a different approach. Whereas in the past they have released devices into the niche market meant to aid software developers, this year they released a full plethora of phones and accessories meant to entice the average consumer. With Samsung suffering, these new phones have an opening in a usually crowded market.

So, for your reading pleasure a review of the new “Pixel” phones by Google: The Verge

If you’d like to see how these affect the overall industry… behold: Also The Verge

An interesting look into the future of Google’s software: Andromeda on xda

Along with Google, Apple also announced new products this month. Mainly, the new Macbook “Pro”. To Apple’s surprise its loving users did not follow the company like blind sheep and they started a massive outcry. This is simply because the new Macbook “Pro” adds tacky consumer features, removes vital professional technology, and doesn’t offer any major performance upgrades. Professional Apple users have had the last straw. They have already been angry with Apple over the slow pace of upgrades, and to deliver late and in poor quality all but guaranteed revolt. For the first time in memorable history Apple has been forced to acquiesce to their consumers… they slashed the prices on all the new cables and adapters required for the new machines in addition to offering significant discounts.

More on that: I have too many Verge articles Also, the dongles: Dongles

Another major bit of news in the pseudotech industry is the proposed AT&T, Time-Warner merger. This is a very contentious deal as it would create the first internet provider, cable company, cell phone service, media producing giant of America. I especially worry that Time-Warner could lose editorial control over certain aspects of its production and that in reality it would mean more limited access to Time-Warner content outside of AT&T’s vast network. The real question though is “why?”. AT&T doesn’t need this deal and no real benefit has been displayed other than giving AT&T a serious competitive advantage in content control over its competitors, a very anticompetitive move on their part. Who wants to worry that Midcontinent won’t get Game of Thrones because AT&T isn’t feeling generous? Not me.

Read more here: LA Times

Also a more objective perspective… Wall Street Journal

A short tangential thought… HBO premiered “Westworld” a while back, and it is a thrilling ride. A band of robots daily struggles are revealed as they inhabit an amusement park in which they are abused and realized daily.

More on Ars Technica.

My last technology-related article, is related to the giant outage of internet services in the United States this past month. If you have a WiFi-enabled Crockpot or a ethernet-wrapped hair curler you need to read this. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a burgeoning class of devices, but many manufacturers leave their devices easily hackable and easily corruptible. The outages of the past month can be attributes to a massive supply of rogue devices which simultaneously attack major websites such as Netflix.

The Atlantic.

Oh crap. Sorry not done. I loved this article regarding an AI created to remember a lost loved one. It was oddly creepy – an AI specialist created an artificial life based on her dead friends text messages – but at the same time was deeply intimate. It was a startling article and I’m still unsure of how it made me feel.

Speak, Memory. Verge: Longform.

From technology I moved onto sex. More specifically, sexual health. I read a fascinating piece in the New York Times on the movement of sexual education from the classroom to YouTube. As classrooms around America simply fail to teach teenagers proper sexual education YouTube has offered an excellent alternative, and I can attest to the popularity of these new gurus. Interesting read if you’re interested – see what I did there?

The Sex-Ed Queens of YouTube.

In related news, Donald Trump may be (is) our new president. I’m only going to offer one article… It is entitled “When Hillary and Donald Were Friends”. Oddly enough, both were part of New York’s social elite and both of them were friends of the other. I mean… Hillary attended Donald’s wedding. This hatred between them is almost a facade in my opinion. Read it: Friends.

In other news:

Don’t know what Aleppo is? Here. Interested in Mars, post-election? Read it and weep. Massively gay pardons as opposed to normal pardons? The British have got you covered.

A month in the life of me. Thanks for reading!